AAMC - Best Practices for Better Care

From medical breakthroughs to the latest treatments, America’s medical schools and teaching hospitals, and their physicians and scientists, have a legacy of advancing medicine and setting the standard for the best patient care. Now, they are working together to create Best Practices for Better Care, a multi-year initiative to improve the quality and safety of health care.

Through Best Practices for Better Care, proven practices are being put in place to ensure safer surgeries, reduce infections, and cut hospital readmissions. A strong culture of quality and safety in medicine by passing on these best practices to every new doctor we train and making sure quality and safety is part of medical education from day one. 

To date, more than 230 medical schools and teaching hospitals and health systems are participating in this unique effort. Together, these institutions represent 13 percent of hospital admissions nationwide and train nearly 43 percent of the nation’s doctors.